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Vladimir Tomin
I was born in beautiful city of Khabarovsk, Russia. I like to create things (motion graphics, illustration, computer games, t-shirts). I don't have any particular style but they say my sense of composition, color and proportion is easily recognizable so you can probably call it a style. For me inspiration comes from different places each time but usually a name or theme is enough to get me started. When I have a name or theme of my next piece, all I have to do is to free some space in my head and let the idea fill this empty space. This is more or less an automatic process so I'm more like a tool to bring those ideas to life. My life credo is to "be honest with yourself". Without inner honesty there will be no progress. Without progress there will be no interest. Without interest there will be nothing. Honesty is everything.

Bradley Sharp
For my daytime job I design magazine spreads... so what I do with vector illustrations allows me to create something far-removed from what I'm doing from nine to five. I find vector an easy tool and believe anyone can learn it quickly. I'd say my artwork is nothing more than glorified doodling. I like the logical inconsistencies of surrealism and the science fiction genre.

Arturo Delgado @ madstalfos
I'm from Juárez, México. I started drawing my own ideas since I was 17 or 18; when I was younger I used to be "reproducing" the pieces from other artists, this helped me to learn about anatomy, colors, composition, etc. I'm studying graphic design and working as a freelance illustrator. I've been working on some indie comic books, t-shirt designs and CD covers for local bands. Most of the time I'm inspired by rock or metal music and my favorite subjects for designs are clowns, monsters and cyborgs!

Hector Sevilla @ Elsevilla
From Mexico, Hector Sevilla Lujan has worked in comics, character design  and illustrations for several important companies like Nintendo, Konami, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image, and Blizzard just to name a few. Life in art is hard. Art can smell fear, so each day it's a battle to draw anything. Sometimes you win others you lose. Rather than talent it's a battle of perseverance and stubborness.

Natalia R
Born 1995, Poland. For me, humans are one of the most interesting subjects to draw; behind every face there is a soul and complex personality; it’s like looking inside them while drawing. I draw lots of my favourite metal bands’ musicians and actors and find it valuable for practice. I’m looking for my own style but still have a long way to go. Usually I draw using traditional tools but I'm determined to try digital art as well. My inspiration consists mainly of music, literature and my own feelings.

Jay Hansen @ Jaybird
Traditional artist / Minnesota
A uncharted realm where beauty and the plague collide, imagination is a creation without cause.
Chaos is not feared, only fed upon.
And the impossibility of transformation is only the start of a future yet to be born.

Raul Trevino
Born 1977 Mexican comic book writer and illustrator. In 2003 he was awarded at the 1st. Norma Editorial International Competition for the best short story. This opened the doors in this house and he published in 2004 his first author work called The Dance of the Conquest, an action-adventure trilogy inspired by the pre-hispanic history in Mexico.
He has worked as a colorist for U.S. publishers such as Marvel, DC, Dark Horse Entertainment and EA. And in France for Les Humanoids Associes and Glénat. He was involved coloring the style guide of the Green Lantern film, division of licensing products and DC Comics. Recently he writes and draws his web comic called Tinkers of the Wasteland and with the support of his readers he got funded to publish the first volume of this on-going series.

Vinz El Tabanas
Born in Paris in 1984, Vinz el tabanas is a young prodigious drawer of 26 years old. He had been discovered by José Jover who developped him to the art of comic strip, and written for him, with Jef Martinez, “Le Miroir des Templiers”, comic strip who allowed Vinz el Tabanas to draw his first one proffessional album. At present he works on two runs of “The French Crow” comics, on the second episode of “miroir des templiers” and continuously works on character designs for Urban Rivals (webgames). Besides that, Vinz also works on original projects to be presented to US/European editors. He is a holder of a CAP diploma of execution drawer in graphics communications, and is qualified with a professional diploma in craft industry of art professions (storyboard). He has won some prizes with comic strips and illustration contests.His passion is to explore all graphics arts forms (Traditional Art, Video concept, 2D, 3D, Webdesign, Tattoo, Graffiti, etc)

Serj Palihovicz @ Zeeksie

A graduate of AB in Multimedia Arts in Asia Pacific College. Rhafael a.k.a aseo, started as a designer in BoNa Coffee Company in 2008. He then focused on web design in 2009 where he worked for various companies and real estate firms. His passion in the art of vector graphics led to his illustration career in the dawn of 2010.
Since then, he has been featured in various art sites & multiple magazines such as Advanced Photoshop (Germany/UK), Oracoms The Book of Creations (France) and The Imperial College of London Magazine.
He is currently part of Shadowness.com's mod group as Vector CV & Designers of Asia.

Andreas Zafiratos @ albino-Z
I come from Greece and I am an architect. Now on to the important stuff: I draw! I think of myself as a comic artist that also enjoys illustration. For me it all starts with a pre-existing mood. When I begin to work on a piece, I force myself into a specific mood/feeling, which I follow to the end. If art -any kind of art- can be seen as a communication medium, then mood is the raw material, while technical skill and perception are the channeling vehicles. I want to believe that some of this emotion and mood I start working with has a chance of going through. Art that is strong enough to emit a portion of the raw material it was made of, has a totally different level of impact.

Can Pekin @ Cetrus
I was born in İzmir, Turkey in 1987. It has been 10 years starting from fine arts high school, that I have been studying art, cartoon & animation, illustration, conceptual drawings, and most favorably; fantasy character illustration. I mostly like to draw female characters because I think there are more varieties that you can reflect on both female body and outfits including accessories etc. My drawings are distinguishable by the amount of detail I put into them because I believe that as long as you put the outlines the correct manner, details carry your drawing into a more qualified visual; a standard that I am trying to improve constantly. Lately, I have been working on children book illustrations, some advertisements as a freelance illustrator and am working in an art gallery as an assistant instructor. I am mostly inspired from artists such as Adam Hughes, Gustav Klimt, Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Jhonen Vasquez, Boris Vallejo. I am also inspired from some series and computer games such as Diablo, Game of Thrones, World of Warcraft, Invader Zim and Ragnarok Online.

Ceed was born under a moonlit night by a local Shaman/herbalist in the province of Candelaria, Quezon.
He started drawing using crayons on walls, floors, and anything that he could get his hands on. He was inspired to draw "properly" when
his mother  introduced him to local comics primarily, "FUNNY KOMIKS". As years went on, he  would later collect other local comic titles funding it by doing drawing assignments for his classmates. 
Later on he was introduced to other kinds of artforms ranging from anime, surrealism, and various tattoo styles. He had formal schooling at the oldest extant university charter in the Philippines and in Asia. His art heroes are Raymond Swanland, Rebecca Guay, H.R Geiger, Paul Booth, Leinil YU, Kajo Baldisimo, Hiroya Oku, Roy Allan Martinez, Todd McFarlane, Ryan Ottley, Kitt Lapeña, Isobelle Francisco, and Mike Mignola. He mainly draws while commuting on his way to work, or while drinking and observing people. He has worked as Tattoo Artist, Graphic Artist, and Animator in the past, and had a solo exhibition. He is madly in love with his "Luthien" and thankful for the friends, he had met and "lost" through the ages. He mainly uses pencils and various pens and brush pens. He is thanking you while you are reading this. :D cheers

Kay Arazanso
Kay Aranzanso is a dedicated illustrator and designer. In April 2010, she graduated Cum Laude from the Department of Visual Communications in the College of Fine Arts, University of the Philippines, Diliman obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, Major in Visual Communication. In 2008-2009, she served as Chairperson of a comics-based organization in U.P. Diliman, the U.P. League of University Artists on Cartoons and Komiks (U.P. LUNAROCK) and as Vice Chairperson for External Affairs the year after.
In March 2012, she became an official member of Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan, an association of artists in the Philippines committed to the creation and promotion of illustrations for children.

Jimbo Salgado
Jimbo Salgado, was born in Manila, Philippines in November 3rd, 1980 and lives in Valenzuela City. He started training himself in the comic trade since 1996 while undergoing his Bachelor in Science in Fine Arts, majoring in Advertising Arts at the University of the East .
In 1998, Jimbo started working professionally in Animation - TV and Movie Production in several animation industries, namely: ToonCity Animation Inc, Topdraw Animation Inc, Philippine Animation Studios Inc, Data Quest Animation Inc, Philippine Animation Studio Inc., and ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation.
In 2003, due to the passion and interest in teaching others, he started working as a Visual Art Instructor in several schools in Metro Manila teaching kids and adults alike in the field of Fine Arts. He was also a storyboard penciler in Interactive Arts Services in 2007 working with TV Commercials. He’s currently involved in bringing several uplifting emotional projects to life.

Emil Cabaltierra
I was born in Bulacan Philippines on October 1979. I took up Bachelor of Fine arts Majoring in Advertising in University of the East. Fresh from college, I entered the world of animation in Fil Cartoon as a traditional animator. I had worked as traditional and Flash animator for several studios from 1999 up to 2011. In 2011, I decided to try my skills in the world of comic illustrations and here we are now.

Paulo Teles @ Yonami
Paulo Teles is a Designer and Professional Illustrator since he was 19 years old, working in the graphic and digital area, illustrating for graphic publications and TV commercials.
Pupil of the best illustrators from Hyper Comics (Jucilande Jr. and João Vicente), drawing comics at your hometown (Manaus, Amazon, Brazil) making those for internet and fanzines.
Designer by graduation and illustrator by profession, actually Yonami draw for GlassHouse Graphics. Today, he lives in São Paulo, working as a conceptual freelancer in the game’s market (his passion) and Comic's publishing.

Carlos Gomez
I'm from Madrid, Spain and I mainly work on comics but I also do character design and illustrations.
I've worked for Marvel UK drawing Spectacular Spider-Man and now I work for hire drawing independent projects such as "Unbeatable" for RazorWolf, "Ferrous Bloom" for Ferric Press and some upcoming comics such as "C.U.P.I.D.S." and "Black Lotus Empire". 
I've always loved to draw and even if I studied computer science I got lucky and enter the world of comic books, and never went back. And as they say: Work on what you love and you'll never have to work.

Paulo Barrios
Paulo, born in Jujuy, a small town north of Argentina, near the border of Bolivia.
I am self-taught and started doing comic fanzines at age 14. A few years ago I started working as an illustrator, concept artist for video games and comics.
Drawing is one of my two passions, the other is hip hop, I'm an MC and hip hop beatboxer and this has been part of my life since 1999.
I am currently drawing a graphic novel for the United States, and providing illustrations for Japan.
I hope my art will inspire others as how other people's art have inspired me!

Charles Q. Penero Jr. @ Chucky
I was born in Muntinlupa City, Philippines.
A former student at Jose Rizal University in Mandaluyong City with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. My career in Animation started last 2006 as an inbetweener, clean up and animator
in Toon City Animation Inc., an Illustrator in A@D Publishing (Aklat at Dunong publishing).
In year 2010, I started my career as a Graphic Artist at Cover and Pages Corp.
2012 was the time I decided to try and explore the world of Comics and little did I know that it would be my new line of career.
I love to draw and I want to share it with others; and I accept criticism as it pushed me even harder. My philosophy is "work your fingers to the bone."

Eoghan Kerrigan
An illustrator from Ireland specializing in the world of imagination. My favourite subjects stem from mythology and stories, like trolls, dragons, and interesting people. I’ve always been fascinated by things that don’t exist and drawing them too.  I like to tell stories with my drawings, and I hope to imbue them with a sense of believability, even if the subject is completely outlandish. I am a very traditional artist; the pencil is my trustiest tool. I am most comfortable working without reference, letting my pencil wander; it is a very liberating thing to do. But I am quite adept at various styles, from realistic, cartoon-ish and in-between. I catch on quick. 
I have recently begun to do private commissions and I would like to illustrate books, design characters and do concept art for films as part of my career.

Pedro Martinez
Born and raised in Spain, this guy has been drawing since he was a child. He didn't take art as a career seriously and started studying something totally unrelated, but you can't escape art when it runs in your blood. So art came back, kicked him in the balls and forced him to restart drawing stuff and never give up. He's a major in Graphic Design, but the world of advertising isn't very appealing for him, so he switched to illustration, comicbooks and concept art. So far, he has worked for small publishers like Arcana entertainment or ReNoir comics, and also for indie magazines and fanzines. He has tried entering the world of concept art with character designs for a couple animation and videogame studios, but hasn't landed a big gig yet. He also works on his own comic projects that will see the light sometime soon, records gameplays for his youtube channel and does lots of different creative things. Also he talks about himself in third person.

Ana Rankovic
Ana Rankovic (24) professional graphic designer and illustrator from Belgrade, Serbia. Graduated collage in 2012 from the Polytechnic University in Belgrade. Two years in a row participated at the Belgrade design festival MIXER; winner of many awards for both graphic design and illustrations; one of the leading members of a graphic/industrial design website DIFUZIJA; featured in many design related websites. Currently working as a freelance designer and illustrator, and enjoys writing about herself in the third person :)

Emilio Lopez
I'm a freelance illustrator from Mexico City, studied visual arts in school but also I am self-taught. My work includes illustrations for children books, covers for books and magazines, storyboards, character design, t-shirts and a little foray into the medium of comics. I have drawn and illustrated books for almost all the major publishers of my country and I'm currently working in an independent graphic novel.
"Art with arrogance and without knowledge is not art, it's just a bohemian trying to express himself."

Sergio Lanza
My name is Sergio Lanza, i was born in 1985 in Brazil, and I've been a professional illustrator for more than 10 years. I worked in many areas and mediums. I consider myself a perpetual student, always trying new materials and new forms of drawing and image creating. I always worked in small enterprises, for creational freedom and autonomy to show my work and opinions wherever I want. I crossed to international market for almost a year now, and I intend to work with illustration and animation also. I have great affinity with human anatomy (mostly female), and I love working in a way that I can, even slightly, explore sensuality and erotism, ranging from a more established form to subtle, more personal tones.

Ken Shjn Park
Born 1991, I'm an artist , mainly designing characters for game companies and commissioners. I live in Vietnam,  a small and beautiful Asian country.
I can draw in different styles as you can see on my portfolio, and am especially good at drawing girls :)