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7ENVY   7 Deadly Sins Envy
7GLUTTONY   7 Deadly Sins Gluttony
7GREED   7 Deadly Sins Greed
7LUST   7 Deadly Sins Lust
7PRIDE   7 Deadly Sins Pride
7SLOTH   7 Deadly Sins Sloth
7WRATH   7 Deadly Sins Wrath
DWU   A Day Without You
AGI   A Grotesque Intervention
BDB   A Little Bit of Damage for Your Brain
ALT   Alternatively Gifted
AXD   Angel x Devil
ARTBRAIN   Art with Brains
ARTHEART   Art with Heart
AFP   Audio Foreplay
BFK   Brainfucky
COO   COOLness
DBV   Death by Vowels
DDLM   Dia De Los Muertos
DCLUB   Doodle Deck - Club
DDIAM   Doodle Deck - Diamond
DHEART   Doodle Deck - Heart
DSPADE   Doodle Deck - Spade
DYH   Dress Your Heart
EML   Emailable
ECL   Embraced Cherished and Loved
FPM   Facepalm
FDM   Freedom
HANNYA   Hannya
HANNYASNAKE   Hannya Snake
HNC1   Harlequins and Clowns 1.0
HNC2   Harlequins and Clowns 2.0
HNC3   Harlequins and Clowns 3.0
HHJ   Headhunter Jolene
HCR   Hearts and Crows
HSH   Horse Shit Happens
JAP   Japanedness
LPX   Lady Paradox
LSR   Leisure Stroll
LOD   Lord of Darkness
GSH   Luna Geisha
MMG   Macabre Menagerie
MAA   Making An Angel
MOG   Morgellons
NNP   Nano Niperz
PIX   Pixelance
PUPPET   Puppeteer
RBA   Rocket Birds
RNL   Rust and Latex
SAB   Satan is a Bunny
GSHADES   Shades for Her
BSHADES   Shades for Him
BBL   The Ballerina
EYE   The Eye
TSS   Two Shades of Summer
ULG   Urban Legend
WAU   Walls Are Useful After All
YYM   Yoyo Master
ZFL   Zombie Flo

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